Α. Preparation of studies for the support of the development of Information Society


  •  Strategic and Action Plan studies for the development of Information Society in central, regional and local level.
  •  Development of policy plans for Information Society in local, regional and national level.
  •  Socio-technical feasibility studies for the implementation of Information Technology projects.
  •  Studies and research in broader issues of Information Society.
  •  Planning and implementation studies for information and educational actions.
  •  Reengineering studies for Operational Processes.
  •  Studies for the creation and exploitation of new business opportunities, with the use of modern technologies (e-commerce etc).
  •  Project evaluation and development of assessment indicators.
  •  Preparation of Business Plans.

Β. Planning and implementation of Research and Technological Development projects in the field of Information Society
 Formation of the original idea and project planning.
 Determination and finding of the essential partners.
 Finding ways for funding.
 Preparation of relevant studies or proposals and their submission for inclusion (Project Proposals etc).
 Project management support and provision of technical and consultant supporting services.

C. Provision of supporting services towards the Managing Authorities of the public sector and to every sector which manages Information Society projects (Operational Program “Information Society”, “Digital Convergence” etc)
 Management, evaluation and publicity services.
 Technical support to the Monitoring Committee and the Managing Authority.
 Technical Support Consultant services to Final Beneficiaries.
 Support of the operation of the monitoring and implementation structures of the Operational Programs (Monitoring Committee,         Managing Authority, Information Society S.A., Observatory for Information Society).
 Studies for the documentation of proposals and provision of services for projects /actions which are included in all Priority Axes of an Operational Program.
 Provision of services and technical support from expertises.

D. Publicity, promotion and awareness actions
 Promotion, dissemination and advancement of ideas, programs, initiatives, products, services etc, related to Information Society
 Implementation of awareness actions of social partners, bodies and citizens on issues relevant to Information Society
The following are mentioned, as indicative technological implementation sectors of the above services and studies: E-Commerce, Geographical Information Systems, Broadband Networks, telemedicine, teleworking, e-learning, public information and E- Governance - E-Government, Internet applications etc.

E. European Social Fund Projects (ESF)
 Project Management – Preparation of studies within the framework of ESF
 Planning - Preparation of Educational Programs for Vocational Training Centers
 Development of Methodologies on Educational issues – Vocational Training – Certification of Skills

F. Provision of supporting services to Public and Private Beneficiaries for their participation in Transnational Community Programs and Initiatives
 Networking with partners from other E.U. member-states
 Preparation of Action Plans for the more effective utilization of available financial opportunities
 Preparation of Project Implementation Proposals for submission to Community Programs and Initiatives
 Provision of technical support services
 Technical Consultancy
 Preparation of studies & surveys
 Project Implementation
 Project Management & Administration

STRATIS and local employment actions

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