STRATIS – INFORMATION SOCIETY STRATEGIES AND ACTIONS LTD has been established in 1999 by experienced Consultants - Researchers with an over-twenty year professional experience and specialization in Business Administration and Management, as well as in the field of Information Society, both in Greece and abroad. STRATIS is actively engaged both with the public and the private sector, with primary field of work the support and he planning of the implementation of Information Technology and Communications projects ˗ which are included in various financial frameworks such as the Community Support Framework (CSF) – NSRF,the Programs POLITIA and THISEAS, the Community Initiatives etc˗ the provision of supporting services toward the Managing Authorities of the public sector and the final beneficiaries as Technical Support Consultant. Within those frameworks, STRATIS, also, undertakes the preparation of relevant projects such as Business Plans, Maturation Projects, Project Proposal preparation, Call for Tenders, Technical Specifications, Educational Needs Analysis, Request for Proposals and Feasibility studies.

Significant fields for the activation of the company, except the Information Technology and Communications,are the areas of Employment and Vocational Training (EQUAL, Regional Programs – Local Employment Initiatives, Operational Program "Employment and Vocational Training" etc), the Environment, Tourism, Culture etc. Also, the company has developed significant experience in a number of projects for Local Government Organizations (LGO).


STRATIS has obtained great experience from the Third Programming Period by having designed a large number of funding proposals (formation of Project Proposals) for the account of the final beneficiaries (Regions, LGO's, Social and Professional bodies etc), which proposals have been submitted within respective calls of various financial frameworks, such as the Operational Program «Information Society» , the Regional Operation Programs (PEP) (Local Employment Initiatives, actions for the Environment etc) and the EQUAL and INTERREG initiatives. The proposals have already been included in corresponding financial frameworks and STRATIS has undertaken the implementation of the relevant with its activities projects. Also, STRATIS is actively engaged with the informing of the Bodies for the potentialities and the benefits of the relevant National and Community Programs and Initiatives within the context of conferences and workshops, as well as, in their networking with transnational partners.

STRATIS and local employment actions

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