Participation as a partner in the Developmental Partnership "TOPSA CORFU"for the implementation of the Operational Plan "LOCAL PLAN ON THE EMPLOYMENT ADJUSTED TO THE NEEDS OF THE LABOR MARKET OF CORFU"within the framework of the Local Plans on the Employment (TOPSA) - Operational Programme "Development of Human Resources"(NSRF) (2012-2013).

Implementation of the project "ACTION AID FOR THE UNEMPLOYED WITH THE ACTIVE PARTICIPATION OF NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATIONS (NGOs) B CYCLE" within the framework ofMeasure 6 of axis 1 of the Operational Programme "EMPLOYMENT AND VOCATIONAL TRAINING " – Implementation of seven action plans for three Finals beneficiaries. (2008)
Preparation of seven project development proposals within the framework of the Community Initiative EQUAL (Cycle B) equally for the same number of Development Partnerships (in total about 80 bodies) – (2004)
The aim of the project is the evaluation of the activities and the results of the interstate partnership, as this is defined according to the guidelines of the Managing Authority of the Community Initiative of EQUAL, in order for the causes and the nature of the discriminations and inequalities in the labour market to be found, and the factors which lead to good practices to be defined, as well as, for the arrangements of the broader dissemination and application of those practices.

STRATIS and local employment actions

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