Maturation Study of the project of ADEDY «Higher Administration Telematic Centre of the Civil Servant Associations» (Demands Analysis, Operational and Technical Specifications, preparation of Project Proposals/ Sub - projects and Requests of Proposals for Competitions)
Technical support of the process of collection, receipt, classification, organization of the evaluation and integration of proposals for Call «Health - Welfare», «Public Administration», «GIS» και «Transportations» in Measure 2.4.
Preparation of a study for the development of an information system for the effective management of the Center’s operation. The study includes specifications of an integrated informational architecture which is necessary for the implementation of a stable and efficient system (Charting of the present situation, Plan of information and applications, Human Resources Scheme, Plan of technological architecture, Transition Scheme).     
This project was implemented between November 2001 and May 2002. Project Manager was STRATIS General Manager, leader of Task Group of the Beneficiary (Association of Consultancies). The project included the Analysis of the Present Situation for the sum of the Region’s Prefectures (interviews with agents of the region, organization of information workshops, recording of infrastructures, project proposals, SWOT Analysis etc), Business Planning (Strategic Goals, Measures, intervention categories, implementation methodology etc) and Action Plans (description of specific actions – training projects etc).

STRATIS and local employment actions

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